Gruelling Experience of Traveling in a Local Bus in Laos

There is the time when you are so broke that you only have just enough of cash to go home. This, is our time.

We are stranded in Luang Prabang, with no where to sleep and no where to go because we do not have enough cash, but miraculously God blessed us and man, we were so close to sleep by the road.

Anyway, to save up, we took the local bus from LP to Vientiane for 110,000 kips instead of 150,000 kips for a sleeper bus. I know I know its just a difference for that RM16 but we just couldnt squeeze out that much of money at that time.

Bus fare. Not inclusive tuk tuk fare yea.

It arrived on time actually, with air-condition installation like those long-journey bus. I was thrilled, and immediately fell from ninth heaven when i found out it is not functioning. The whole bus actually is not air-conditioned. Nevertheless, free seating and then we begun our journey.

It is sort of a pick-and-drop-off bus. The driver picks up people who waved along the way until it is fulled seated. The aisle, however, is fully occupied by goods (chairs, table fan, big-bulky-which-wrapped-in-plastic stuffs).

It was a terrible long-hour journey sitting on a place with small leg space. My windows are not functioning so when it rains, the raindrops splashed in; when it is night time, the cold breeze chilled you to your bone; when it stops, the dampness sticks on your skin; when the people in front you adjust his chair, you are suffocated by the amount of space that you owned.

One of the passenger vomited in every.single.stop and the sound terrified me to the extend i feel like vomiting too!

When things couldn’t get more uneasy, i found out that there is only one bus driver, and he is a young boy whom aged between 16 to 21! I can faint out on the spot right away. I wonder how did I survived when the road we traveled is so narrow, windy, dark and without road lamp, and bumpy!

I see the sunset, and the sunrise too on the very same bus same journey. Sunset is great in LP, sunrise is warm in Vientiane.

Almost Vientiane.

We are glad we survived the journey.


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