The City of UNESCO : Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang, is where magical things happened. Well, only for the two of us I guess.

I love Luang Prabang more than Vang Vieng. Pretty roads, romantic lights, colorful night market, kinda-weird-but-new food, friendlier local, nice houses, drizzling morning rain, awesome historical site… I can go on and on.

Getting down from Ban-Naluang Bus Station, there will be a swarm (yes it is a swarm!) of tuktuk drivers come and get you. If you are lucky which we are not, you can actually ask the driver who dropped you into the bus station to send you to the Luang Prabang town, the heart of the town will be the area of night market. Tip him with 5,000 kips if you like. Take tuk tuk, cost you 20,000 kips per head, 2km to the heart.

Ban NaLuang Bus Station

Well we departed from Vang Vieng at 10am, supposedly reach at 6pm and turns out reaching Luang Prabang at 9:30pm. Yes do expect delayed and give yourself at least one day of time allowance when you travel in Laos. We were usually daring enough to walk, asking the driver whether it’s a walking distance, and he said no (SCAM!)

HE TOLD US THE ROAD IS FLOODED WITH WATER AND HE LIED! The road is pretty much WAAAAAAAAAYYY better than Vang Vieng’s because it is tarred!

I think the reason I am being so calculative is we are so out of money that time when local banks and private currency exchanger DISDAIN MYR! sobs.

Anyway, despite of the tough journey, Luang Prabang indeed is a good place to start fresh. Totally new surrounding compared to Vang Vieng and Vientiane, serene and slow. Locals seemed to be so happy everywhere!

Monks are in every corner of Laos.

Best part of Luang Prabang? THE NIGHT MARKET!

Pretty and cheap clothes, souvenirs, woven silk, traditional clothing, drawings, foods or deadly drinks can be found here.

Night Market, Luang Prabang

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