Worst Experience of Tubing in Vang Vieng

Nah it couldnt be worst if this is our first time tubing in Vang Vieng. But it’s the truth.

Still it was great! I dont know i can be so sarcastic!

So there is the one and only tubing place which is monopolize by the locals, so if you want tubing, you got to take the tube from them.

But i would encourage you to kayak instead of tubing.

Anyway, each person got to deposit 60,000 kips for the tube and you got the refund of it when you are back with the tube. Also you need to pay 55,000 kips for this activities. Convert it to MYR will be RM24+RM22 = RM46.


Be sure you know the tips before you tube in wild rapids river.

And we start to float. How? You get down from the tuk tuk, you walk to the river banks with your tube, you put your tube in the river, you sit on your tube and there it goes.

Along the river there are 6 riverside bars (according to one of the waiters in one of the bars), 3 bars are owned by a company and the other 3 the other company. Both of the companies take turn to operate the riverside bar, thus, for the whole river, you got only 3 bars to attend.

Not after 10 minutes we saw a bar and we immediately waved so a young teenage boy threw us a plastic-bottle float. We grabbed it and we were pulled to the shore and attend the bar. Well you can stay as long as you want, grab a drink, play some games, take splendid photos, dance until you jelly down. After awhile we got bored thus we take our tube and continue flowing in the river.

It’s really relaxing and chilling to have small talks, taking in the scenery along the river, until we realized we have been floating for half an hour without seeing anyone in the chocolaty river! The current brought us to the edge of the river where rocks and insects often appears all the time. We tried to swim to the center of the river but the current never fail to bring us to the riverside again. Hitting on branches by branches and how i wish i brought samurai sword to just chop off any obstacles in front of us instead of trying to duck from the heavy branches/swim away from the sharp rocks/kick off any insects laid on you.

Just when anything couldn’t get better, I started to realize his tube is sinking. Horrified of the leaking, he passed me our bag to reduce the weight and another half an hour passed, until we saw few kayakers kayaking along the river. Quickly, I shouted at them for help but they seemed confused, until they saw what happened. By this time, his tube is already submerged in the river. Worst, they seemed hesitated to pull us up!

We were dropped off by another side of the river banks. The kayaker talked to the local, and he appeared to be a tuk tuk driver. He charged us 60,000 kips for the ridiculous 5 minutes journey back.

Of course, we got our deposit back, but it is not refunded.

Great blessing in disguise. Amazing story to tell. Worst experience ever.


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