Two Monsters on Public Transportation of Bangkok

One of the perks of taking public transportation in foreign land: You get all the help and the stares sometimes the scams but I let it go because that is part of my story to tell you got.

I think Thai people are really friendly: they don’t take your advantage even when you are foreigner.

You see, the moment we stepped into the train with big backpacks and short pants plus tank tops together with slippers and the super tanned skin, you are practically announcing to the whole world that :”HEY DON’T LOOK AT ME I AM A FOREIGNER IN YOUR LAND!”

There’s this lady inside the kiosk service counter, advised thoroughly to us of not-getting-a-tourist-pass because it is not worth it since the one-day pass is only applicable to BTS line only but you cannot use it together with MRT. She definitely make our day!

It is common to have underground tunnel train in most of the countries eh?

And oh, there’s a time whereby we are lost in the pier of Chao Phraya, not knowing how to go to Khaosan by express boat. Standing on the small pier, two monsters looking so helpless and exhausted, this old man, speaking broken English, using body gesture trying hard to tell us which pier to step down, and kindly advice us to be prepare before the Khaosan station. Oh i just love old peopleee!

Of course there are scams we encountered but when we insisted to travel by public transportation, the scammer private taxi driver too led us to where we supposed to wait for public transportation. I mean, come on, if you want to chauffeur us from Krabi Bus Station to Aonang beach which is not even 20km, you shouldn’t charge us 800 baht please! Well we reach Aonang beach using 60 baht each only.

I love Bangkok more than Laos to be honest bhahahaha!


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