The First Ever Island Zipline in KK

They said it operates on May 2014, and we couldn’t wait for the next semester break just to have a taste of it, and it tasted fresh and yummy!

The Coral Flyer Zipline, linking Pulau Gaya and Pulau Sapi, is said the longest zipline in Sabah, or the longest in Borneo till now (Dec 2014).

The monster and I together with the best roommate ever, Charissa go for RM50 per person per slide, and it totally worth the try!

Well, we had our snorkeling session in Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Sapi, pay for the zipline at Pulau Sapi reception, and then the tour guide (so called) speedboat-ed us to Pulau Gaya for the zipline. Friendly staff and they are playful enough!

Monster and Charissa with me!
A bit of trekking to the zipline setup.
The magnificent view from top!
There is a reason why Sabahans are proud to call as one: Just see what we have here- THE SEA!

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