Laos, Oh Laos

My bucket list for now is to travel the whole Indochina you see. And it must be not-many-people-who-knows-its-existence that kind of country. Cambodia and Vietnam is next year trip. Myanmar needs a visa so i’ll just pend it first. That makes Laos my prior choice and thus, I force/suggest this to the peanut to my butter half and he shrugged and gave me the ok-anything-you-say-bae-i’ll-go-with-you look. So we set to buy our flight ticket to Laos and then there we go!

Not much of city eh?

We didn’t expect much in this journey because it is random and we believe journeys shouldn’t be too cautious. However, it’s good that you do research and be prepared to walk into a brand new world of Laos.

Laos totally gave us a lot of unexpected experiences. Almost drown while tubing in Vang Vieng; been scammed for the fare to Vang Vieng; the bumpy road for the whole 6 hours from Vientiane to Vang Vieng; the fully maximize of usage of local bus; the amazing local foods where Laos’ beer are in every menu; the broke-ness of us when they despise and doesnt accept MYR and etc.

We love their food! With beer of course.

Be prepared that:

When there’s a tourists’ spot, there’s a tourist scam. So from the extremely-furious-and-note-that-i-did-not-use-angry-because-it-is-not-angry-it-is-beyond-super-angry scamming experience while buying the bus ticket to VV, the other half of mine repeatedly remind me this is part of the learning process and be grateful that you bought a tough experience and a story to tell which is unique and memorable for our journey! Don’t let the small bad things affect your brand new good day!

 The transportation. We’ve been on local bus for 16 hours which we experience the cram-ness of the local bus. Imagining the aisle of the seats they can put goods to save up the space! And the young driver. He should be in his twenties and he alone drive the big local bus for 16 hours! But basically, there is no train covering Laos, unless you count the train joining Laos and Thailand (Thanaleng and Nongkhai respectively), the only bus which travels across the border of Laos and Thailand.

Local style

I am trying not to stereotype the people here. Some of them are really friendly like the family of the guesthouse which we live in Vang Vieng, the hospitality. The officer in Luang Prabang, so helpful and kind to draw us map to explore the LP. Some are total jerks, like the reputable airport taxi driver which sent us to nowhere to force us to take the extremely expensive fares of private minivan to go to Vang Vieng, leave us no choice but to take it.

But come to think of it, we both think that those memories are every story to tell. And it’s unique whereby it’s so different than what other people experienced!

Thus, i would say, enjoy Laos and write your own story! This is mine and it’s not that terrible (at least we are back to Malaysia one piece)! Definitely we will revisit Laos again perhaps another 5 years.

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