How to Enjoy Luang Prabang When You Are Broke

People said you should not get annoyed by small little bad things happening around you, instead, make a lemonade out from the lemon life gives you.

We don’t buy that actually. Lemon tasted not too bad as well!

By the time the monster and I reached Luang Prabang, we were out of cash and totally broke because no one give a good rate for Malaysia Ringgit. They seem to ignore the existence of MYR! Cis.

Anyway, we do enjoy our Luang Prabang trip!

1. Sneak into the Royal Museum together with a bunch of group tour

Royal Palace
Group tour

Funny thing about the group tour: they are too big till they wont realize you are joining them! As far as I know, there are at least 3 group tours visiting the same place at the same time. Their itineraries are the same I bet! We supposed to pay for the entrance fee, but oh well, no one realize! (Opps I am so sorry)


2. Visit the morning market

Morning market

Do not be confused: they have night market as well as morning market, but not at the same place. But it’s nearby! So live in the heart of Luang Prabang and you will be able to visit this morning market. Most of it will be raw vegetables and fruits, groceries, even crabs or toads!


3. Strolling in the city

Serene and peaceful city.

Luang Prabang is a city for relaxing and calming. You wouldn’t want to rush in this city because you will be the only one who do so!


4. Spotting the monks

Monks are everywhere!


Monks are everywhere, but it’s hard to capture their lives because they are always in the temple. So we are keened to get a close snapshot of the lives of monk but hardly though.


5. Picking up something funny along the road and make a story out of it

Take this for example.

Extension on a tree?


Of course these are what we do without using a single penny. If you have the money, go and have some tours, elephant ride or even a cruise on the Mekong River!





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