To Blue Lagoon We Go!

They said we need to go Blue Lagoon during the stay in Vang Vieng. They said it is highly recommended. They said it is just a seven-kilometers of journey. They said the scenery will dumbfound you. They said it is easy to go.

And we bought it. Nah some parts are true, depends on how you see it.

We met two Germans backpackers and they suggested we can either use mountain bike or motorbike to go to Blue Lagoon, so we went to ask around for the rental. And surprisingly, their rental terms are weird: No matter what time you rent it, it will be 10,000 kips for bicycle, 20,000 kips for mountain bike and 50,000 kips for motorbike until 8pm only. They do not have 24-hour system like we Malaysia have.

And they won’t show you the way unless you rent a bike with them: they don’t give you a map, they don’t give you an accurate information on  how to go, they don’t clear your doubt, unless you rent from them.

So we scouted and we rented from a shop with numerous motorbike in display and get a clear understanding on how to go to Blue Lagoon.

And here we go, drizzling.

First we need to pass through the bridge for 10,000 kips
Then you got to travel on this uneven pavement for nearly all the journey
Ask around because you MUST pass through this silk village before you reach the real blue lagoon.
Not the real blue lagoon and then we turned back.

The real lagoon supposed to have a rubber tyre hanging over a tree. And the entrance fee for the blue lagoon is another 10,000 kips per person.

We suggest you to go on Sunny day, not rainy day, because the road is bumpy and dangerous. For pro rider, perhaps you can control your motorbike.

Even the monster who is pro in riding a motorbike, fell down from it due to the muddy road despite of his pro-ness in steering a motorbike.

We went inside the real Blue Lagoon and decided to turn back because the monster is bleeding due to the fall and we couldn’t afford any infection on the injury if we jumped into the lagoon.


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