My First Backpacking Dream: COME TRUE!

I dreamed of having my own backpacking stories to tell, and couldn’t contain the rushing adrenaline when the monster agreed to come with me before we are coupled!

I was in much doubts when i bought the tickets and did the rough plannings. Afterall, it is my first backpacking and I am not sure whether i am doing the right thing or not to get a tick on my bucket list.

And the moment the monster and i boarded into the international train from Sungai Petani to Hatyai, I knew it: I am making the right decision- I am breaking through!

Thailand is a great country for a first-time backpacker to start off: modern transportation, developed country, amazing food, warm hospitality, magnificent nature view, all the way seven-elevens, cheap shopping, eye-shocking nightlife,  big malls. Everything is within the reach.

The monster and I started off with Hatyai, then bus to Phuket, then minivan to Krabi, then flight to Bangkok, then bus to Pattaya, then return bus to Bangkok, and train to Malaysia.

We walked through Hatyai, tried on a private taxi to floating market and to bus station.

We reached Phuket near dawn, met with another couple from Indonesia, took a tuk-tuk to the best backpacker hostel by far (after staying in all places that we had), walked around Patong Beach, and took longtail boat and speedboat to islands.

We rented a motorbike in Krabi, biking through the rains for hour but couldn’t find the respective place, toured the islands with longtail boat, and took a mini bus to airport.

We slept over at the airport, fly to Bangkok, and took BTS/MRT all the way. Taxi is the best of all transportation that we used, I guarantee! Been on Chao Phraya Express Boat to go all the must-see destinations in Bangkok.

Pattaya is a no-go place. Cops are the one who scammed the tourist! Also scammed by the motor-taxi for a dangerous ride!

See how we fully utilize the public transportation in Thailand: We used all!

For the 11 days travelling across Thailand, although short, but it was the best ever experience in my life!

Chao Phraya Express Boat around Thailand
Walking through Hatyai
Tuk tuk
Longtail boat
Motorbike we rented in Krabi
Shuttle bus to airport in Krabi


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