Fate Brought Us Together: The Journey from Hatyai to Phuket

I am not supposed to this, if the monster ever knew I am doing this even right now, he will be fainted right.away. Simply because he would say, “Man why are you even having this thought right now?”

After nearly half a year we travelled to Thailand, whenever I came across this, I still believe we were conned of the price of the bus ticket from Hatyai to Phuket.

Why you asked? Because that time we were not given any choice to think and pick!

Like I said, when you carrying a backpack which seems heavier than you yourself, EVERYONE know you are the foreign one.

So we were asking for bus ticket to Phuket during night time, numerous counters. This boy found us and seemed to know a bit of broken English, nodded as we verse ‘Phuket’, then shouted to the lady in counter in Thai, and the lady attended us. Without further ado, we dealt.

Then we saw other counters, written ‘Phuket’, but obviously prettier bus and better timeline I would say, but the moment our bus reached Phuket, I knew we were fated to take the bus, because while we are waiting for dawn, we met this Indonesian couple and joined them for the trips we got in Phuket and friendship built!

The journey took around 7 hours, left us stranded in Phuket Bus Station at 3am. Luckily we had our book, and we met them.

I do miss Rara and Ansari till now.

Meet Ansari and Rara!
The more appealing counter.
Bus to Phuket


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