Hatyai’s Must-Eat!

Well I wouldn’t say but the monster and I tried these and we recommend them!

1. Khlong Hae Floating Market Food
All authentic Thai food in Hatyai is all here. From fried seafood to Thai springy maggi, coconut icecream to fried insects, mango sticky rice to beef noodles, everything is here!

2. Seven-eleven Food
You think you don’t want to eat in 7-11, trust me, you must in Thailand! Their burgers are juicy despite of the simple packaging, their maggi’s are one of the bests, their container-ed rice, erm dont try it kay.

3. McD’s
Samurai Pork Burger. And please go for their sundae stall!

4. Restaurants nearby Lee Garden Plaza
You can simply sit in a restaurant and have a bird-nest drink, or ginseng tea, or shark fin soup, with dirt cheap price!

Mcd sundae kiosk tray full with delicious looking toppings!
Ginseng tea
Bird-nest soup
Fried Food in Khlong Hae
Coconut Ice cream
Mango sticky rice, one of the bests!
Samurai Pork Burger with Pineapple pie


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