Sleeping Over in Krabi Airport

Sleeping over in Krabi airport is not as comfortable as sleeping over in KLIA2 in the hometown.

Anyway, it was a quiet place to sleep with numerous chairs for you to arrange and sleep.

The monster arranged one for us, two long chairs and there we spent the night.

My first sleepover in the airport ended soundly. The monster and I took turn to sleep. Luckily we brought some books to pass the time.

Still, we think that if Krabi airport is friendlier user, it should have at least one 24-hour operating food stall! Still, we stocked up snacks in one of the kiosk and headed downstairs to snooze ourselves till we see the day.

Can’t wait for it, because, it is the day for the CITY OF BANGKOK, THE HEART OF THAILAND!

Sunrise indicates the flight to Bangkok!


2 thoughts on “Sleeping Over in Krabi Airport

  1. Hey! So it’s open 24 hours a day and there is no restriction on sleeping at airport? Also is it safe?

    I have an early flight from Krabi to KL, so I was wondering if it would be possible for me to sleep at the airport at night as i am not sure about the transportation early morning.



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