The First Pork Burger in Our Lives!

Well, Thailand trip started off amazingly!

The monster and I are Malaysian and we never had a MCD pork burger before in our lives, and thus, the excitement! I am not sure the monster tried one in Korea or not but yeah it was my first time!

Arrived at Hatyai train station and we are starving. Aiming to try something new, I suggested big M after seeing one in the map although the monster not really fancy eating western food in foreign land and he agreed. I believe starving does the trick.

MCD is just beside Lee Garden Plaza, or inside.

I am in loveddddd with Thailand’s Mcd: not about the pork burger which tasted normal, but the variety of sundae topping to choose from. I mean, why can’t they have this in Malaysia geez!

The peanuts, pandan and corn jelly toppings!
The monster and the Mr M
Samurai aka Pork burger
i can’t figure out why Malaysia doesn’t have this tray!

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