Hatyai’s Proud-Of: Shoppings!

I wouldn’t say the heart of Hatyai lies within the perimeter of Lee Garden Plaza, but it definitely is the tourist spot around Hatyai.

What the monster and I do right after we stepped off, we walked out. Ignoring the fact that all the tuk-tuk drivers were shouting/yelling/flirting at us asking for a ride, we followed the most appealing roads where most of the locals walked.

As we dominated the roads, and lost in it, we saw information counter in the middle of the junction! Asking for a map and given a simple one, we found our way to Santisuk Market, Yong Dee Market and Asian Trade Market. They are just side by side and walking distance from the railway station dude!

Got another more detailed map from Tune Hotel, and immediately recognized McD and the Lee Garden Plaza.

More food and titbits around the surrounding, and the plaza, gosh, is its very own shopping paradise! But wait till you see Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok!

Shopping paradise everyone!
Lee Garden Plaza
We present to you: THE CITY OF HATYAI!


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