The Best Day of Our Life in Phuket

The early morning started off awesomely: we met two new friends from Indonesia, got the most decent room at the most affordable price, and with a great sunny weather, we are off to explore the Patong!

We lived in DDC, 15 minutes walk to the Patong Beach, where all happening event occurred.

We showered and put on a tank top with shorts and flipflops, we are off to take a stroll to the Patong.

Well, we didn’t plan which tour to take before we came Phuket. Of course we did some research on the pricing of each tour thus we roughly have a price range on the tours we are looking at. We came across Ounjai Travel, not the cheapest tour agent but it is within our budget: James Bond tour and Phi Phi Island tour for 2000 baht in total.

The Ounjai Travel, of course you can bargain more!

And we have settled the event and activities of the coming two days. And we took our peaceful, leisure stroll across the beach.

The Patong Beach

There are a lot of activities for you to choose from, you will be asked as you walked across the beach, by many of them!

The late afternoon walk
The sunset


And the monster got sunburn after today.


As both of us reminisce back our Thailand trip, this day remains the best day of our Thailand trip, leisure enough, which is what we want from this trip.



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