Highlight of the Night in Phuket: Ping Pong Show

I wouldnt use “Culture Shock” to describe the wildness of the night life in Phuket. In case you are wondering, you MUST AND YOU SHOULD go Bangla Road of Patong area ( Just ask anyone and everyone will be able to tell you where is that).

So the host of the DDC Guesthouse told us to explore Bangla Road, and she insisted us to! I mean, why not explore it since the local already recommended it to us?

As the music became more audible to us to the point blasting, the scene of the Bangla Road in front of us completely bewilder us: THIS IS ANOTHER PATONG! Pole dancer on tables of clubs, street dancer in the middle of the road, people selling toys along the crowded road, and then the locals with pamphlet of “Ping Pong Show”.

Pole dancer
Girls with bikini
the crowd!

We have heard about Ping Pong Show, but we never know what it is, thus we take the offer of a middle-aged lady who then guide us to the showroom.

Ping Pong Show is none other an entertainment show in Phuket. Strippers and pole dancers are to fill in the break when the performers take break. Performers, all ladies, are to perform their ability to control their pelvic muscle to eject/contain objects from their vaginas. Yes vagina.

While people say they have seen the most incredible shows in their lives, think twice if you haven’t watch a ping pong show before!

True night life indeed.


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