The Mind-Blowing Ping Pong Show In Phuket

Define mindblow? Watch the Ping Pong Show in Phuket!

Well, if you are in Phuket, you got to go for Ping Pong Show, to open up your eyes in some bad sense.

1. Keep an open mind
I never know what is it like for a ping pong show, and when they performed it, i completely dumbfounded! People perform with the coordination of their hands and hips and bodies and legs, but them, they performed by pelvic muscles! Stuffing and retaining back the ping pongsssss, fishes, birds, blades, flags, hamsters and all sorts of stuff, smoking using their vaginas, darting by their pelvic muscles etc etc are mostly what you will see during the ping pong show! Dont judge, just enjoy and keep an open mind!

2. It’s never free!
All the pamphlet showing it is free entrance. Of course is free entrance, when the drink can shoot us to 50 times of the normal price. Well the monster ordered beer for 1000 baht and my can of cola 900 baht. But it’s worth the price, not for the drinks of course!

3. No return change
Pay for the drink and don’t expect any return change!

4. Single guy is to be aimed!
I went with the monster. Thus the monster is not single at the moment. Sometimes i wonder whether he wanted to sit solo during the show haha. Strippers or pole dancers or performers will definitely aim single or a group of boys, but left the couple one unharmed. Nah don’t worry, they will just let you to have some lap dances, hugs and who know more? 😀

5. They expect high tips!
They will collect tips minimum 100 baht for each person. So at first we dont know what is the tipping system in the club, and we held out 50 bahts, the ladies shouted at us asking for more! And there is this couple beside us, the performer asked for tips, they wont give a note at all. Of course the performer shouted at them, but the lady was fiercer: she insisted no notes/tips will be given at all. Opps.

6. No cameras allowed
I believe there will be people who brought and hide the camera somewhere, because youtube do have some pingpong shows to be watched! Anyway it’s respecting their rules right?


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