Phuket Thing-To-Do: James Bond Island Tour

We got this tour and the Phi Phi Island tour from Ounjai Travel for 2000 baht all together. Basically you don’t need to book anything beforehand for any trips you wanna explore, because EVERYWHERE has travel booth for you near Patong Beach. You just need to walk around and people will find you though. Bargain as you want!

Anyway, James Bond Island looks appealing to us because it includes

1. Sea canoeing around Talu Island
2. Phang Nga National Park tour-around
3. James Bond Island
4. Have lunch at Koh Panyee Village
5. Visit Monkey Cave – Suwankha Temple

Also, they provide return transportation from your hotel to the located destination.

We took longtail boat all the way because it is relatively cheaper than using speedboat. Plus we never gotten into a longtail boat before!

The day was cloudy and drizzling also. Bad luck for us though. So a shaft of sunlight will be a prayer to us! Unfortunately it doesn’t last so long. It’s cloudy when we visited Phang Nga National Park and drizzling again when we tour James Bond Island, splashing bucket of rains down when we dine in Koh Panyee Village. Cloudy again when we visit Monkey Cave.

It’s cloudy and raining the time when we arrived the gathering point. Oh well what a day to start the journey!
Longtail boat everyone!
Rara and Ansari ❤
First activity: Sea canoeing and this ship holds all the canoe!
Sea canoeing with the monster!
Phang Nga National Park
That’s the James Bond Island
Koh Panyee Village
Our Lunch!
Monkey Temple


Monster and I have similar opinion. We prefer more activities than sight seeing. And well, it’s raining so everything is not sunny and bright without the warm sunlight! So avoid rainy season!


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