Phuket’s Things-To-Do: Phi Phi Island Tour

This tour WOW-ed the monster and I! For 1050 baht from Ounjai Travel, and everything is worth it! Although we injured our feet from swimming in a rocky shallow sea (luckily not urchin!), sunburnt to the point Monster has difficulty in taking off his shirt! Anyway it’s all sunshine the entire day and it is the most perfect day of our lives! This tour package inclusive 1. Snorkelling at Phi Phi 2. Mini Buffet Lunch at Sunrise Bar 3. Viking Cave/Monkey Beach 4. Maya Bay (THE PRETTIEST BEACH OF ALL!) 5. Khai Island   Never like Monkey so i’ll make my way to others. Best part of snorkelling in Phi Phi : Jump into the middle of the sea when you are good to go! That is the best part of snorkelling when you can just find little colorful fish all around you (if you have bread with you). The Monster dumped his life jacket and dived in slightly into the sea to explore more (damn i can only float). We both agree that this is the best snorkelling we have! (for now)

The sunlight makes everything perfect. Crystal clear seawater in Phi Phi Island
Maya Beach. We love it here because of the sea and less crowds too!
Also Maya Beach
The rocky shallow sea- Khai Island
The rocky shallow sea- Khai Island. We injured our feets while walking across here to the swimming area. 

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