Small Nutshell of Phuket

There’s so much Phuket can offer to you: lustful nightlife, dazzling sea, water sports, dumbfounding performance, sunshine warmth, pot-cracking surprises are everywhere!

We suggested to live in Patong Beach instead of Phuket town because Patong is happening from head to toe! Bangla Road, Simon Kabaret Show, Ping Pong Show, shopping, tours package, you name it all!


For activities, just walk around the Patong Beach and you will find everything you wanted to do there. Parasailing, snorkelling, island tours and so on.


Eatery is never been a problem. Robinson malls area is classy with westerns, or German food (which what we have for dinner), seafood, or Thai!


Nightlife. You got to explore Bangla Road. Cheap beer, eye-bulging Simon Cabaret Show, mind-blowing Ping Pong Show,  and free pole dancing too.There’s a lot of kind of bar around, gay bar, lesbian bar, tiger bar, and we havent watch the Tiger Show!


Transportation. If you stay nearby Patong Beach, there’s no need of taking transportation than your leg alone!


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