Things to Do in Krabi

For whoever visited Phuket, and if you have the extra time to spare, no one should left Krabi out in their journey because it’s just 3 hours driving away from Phuket town!

What NOT to expect in Krabi is definitely nightlife. Krabi is for leisure holiday. Not happening, not crazy, just serene and peaceful.

What we do in Krabi for 2D1N before heading to Bangkok is of course take a tour and explore the islands around it!

1. Take island hopping tour
You might wanna walk the whole street because it does get cheaper when you walk further!

2. Rent a bike and explore the town
Monster rides. And its fun to get out from the Krabi town and explore to unknowns! (Totally not fun when the sudden rain pours in and we are lost in the dark!)

3. Enjoy a leisure stroll by the beach
Not much crowds can be seen along Krabi beach than in Phuket. The breeze and the splash of the waves are your music to your ear.

4. Krabi Night Market
The most happening night market is on Friday night (i never been there myself but i heard is super duper hyper big!) (nah just kidding it’s bigger than usual)

5. Thai Massage
Relaxing day with a relaxing Thai Massage. How wonderful is that!

6. Visit Emerald Pool
We tried to go by bike but apparently when we reached there it’s close because we were too lateeeeeeeeee!


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