Krabi Island Tours: 4 Islands Tour

There’s several tours we really wish to experience. But since we will not have time for everything, among the tours like elephant jungle trekking, Hong Islands Tour, Emerald Pool and temples tour, we chose 4 Islands tour. Reason? We wanted to have activities and not just sight seeing. Plus it’s cheap! 400 BAHT ONLYY!

The tour includes

1. Poda Island Tour
2. Snorkeling at Chicken Island
3. Snorkeling in Tup Island

The weather is superb in the morning but windy in the late afternoon. Thus we are unable to snorkel in Tup Island due to the strong current.

The morning is blessed with warm sunshine!
Perfect sea color
Inside the long tail boat and we bumped into a family of Malaysian!
Poda Island and the Monster’s noob face!
Chicken Island. And you know why is it called chicken Island now.
Tup Island where two islands shared the same beach together!


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