The All-in-One Capital: Bangkok!

When the city is a merge of shopping heaven, gold temples, unique transportation, tourist saturation, friendly local, fancy malls, amazing nightlife, interesting transgender, cheap taxi, superb food, you know you are in the one and only BANGKOK!

We touched down Bangkok, early flight from Krabi Airport and finding ways to get out from the airport and begin our morning!

Like I said, Bangkok is everything and one of it, friendly locals. We went ground floor and a lot of friendly staffs direct us to go tourist information counter to ask for map, taught us which bus to take to Mochit Station, taught us how to use their BTS and MRT train. Well, they are not really shy afterall!

Shopping? From fancy malls down to shopping street, you got it all! I personally recommend Chatuchak weekend market! You will gulp and gawp seeing everything in front of you!

Their metered taxi is favourable by even the locals. There’s a time when we are so lost in finding the pier station for the Chao-Phraya River Express and we asked for direction for it, the local was eye-popped looking at us walking so far. Quickly he helped us to hold a taxi and surprisingly, it was very very VERY CHEAP!

For transportation, we highly recommend taxi and its Chao Phraya River Express!

Nightlife? I won’t elaborate much. Especially in Nana station for your information.

I suggest you to explore the city and experience it for your own good!

Preview of Chatuchak Market!
We stayed in Tune Hotel. Walking distance to BTS station, malls, eatery, which is super convenient!
Metered taxi comes in different color, but they are the same. Mochit station.


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