We stayed in Ao Nang Backpacker in Krabi!

We have been staying in private rooms with private toilets and we wanted to try something new: SHARED ROOM AND SHARED TOILET!

It wasn’t that bad except there’s curfew and lights are off after the time. We literally have to use a torch light to enter our bed and make sure no one is awoke by our footsteps or lights (opps)

For 150 baht per bed per night we think that is worth it! It’s wifi covered zone and comfortable frankly speaking, except 10pm light off, which is quite early for us!

Well no doubt you got to see a lot of different people in the hostel, and perhaps they have different stories for each of them but we were more to exploring the town instead of staying in the hostel to mingle with other backpackers. Thus no interaction with them and when we returned, they were all asleep!

Wifi Password


Introducing our small little rented motorbike which only cost us for 200 baht for 24 hours!IMG_20140514_145831


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