Take Chao Phraya Express River: CHECKED!

Do you know with the public transportation of Chao Phraya Express River, you can almost tour the whole tourist place of Bangkok?

Well, our friend told us and initially we couldnt believe it because everything is on land and you are asking us to take boat to every tourist destination including temples and markets??

To go from a destination from another pier (station), what you need to do is just ask and the friendly local will just tell you when and how to take the boat!

You can take tourist one day pass, or you can do like us, paid 15 baht per person per destination (SO CHEAP!) and be like a local!

What you need to know before you on board is to notice the color of the boat/flag on it. Orange boat means every destination you go is 15 baht per jouney, and best thing is it operates everyday! Whereas for green/yellow flag boat, they operates only from Monday to Friday and is slightly expensive, plus they depend on distance too!

So, why spend much on MRT/BTS if you can take the awesome and cheap river express like a local?

Full route of Chao Phraya River Express.
Along the river
The locals take the express boat too!



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