Breathtaking Bangkok and Our Itinerary!

Everything you want to find in Bangkok, you will and you can get it. From Thai cuisine, to shopping, to cultural temples, to adventurous nightlife, you want it, you will find it.

Well the monster and I are planning to get all if we could, but due to our time constrain ( we missed the whole week of our lecture just to get enough of Thailand weh) and without recommendation, we couldn’t really do much of the local cuisine, but whatever we bought from the market, we make sure we get the best food ( judging by the queue and what local usually order haha). And yes we did shopping and visited the wats and yes we did planned on the nightlife, but something happened and I think the monster is disappointed not enjoying the nightlife eh?? 😀

Personally, we had some plans made on like this one:

1. Chatuchak Market
2. Chinatown
3. Malls in Siam
4. Khao San Road
5. Wat Phra Kaew
6. Grand Palace
7. Wat Pho
8. Wat Arun
9. Asiatique

We only take Chao Phraya Express Boat to travel, and metered taxi of course. You can refer to our routes here.

And yes we are officially the PRO-BANGKOK-ER! (nahhh not so pro lah)


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