Heaven Street (For Shopaholic): Chatuchak Market

Apart from visiting malls in Siam, one of the must shop place is definitely Chatuchak Market!

Getting to Chatuchak market is easy: You either take their BTS to Mo Chit station and Chatuchak Market is not even a 5 minute walk from the station!

Too bad Chatuchak market only operates on weekend. Thats the unfortunate part. Anyhow, this weekend street are well known for good reasons: You can practically find anything here: old currency. antique, furniture, accessories, clothing, food, animal, carpet, household appliances and etc etc. And most importantly, they are cheap! You can even bargain if you want. To me the price is so much cheaper than Malaysia (yes i mean only clothing because I have my eyes fixed on them).

Well the monster is obsessed with a Yoda model made by metal sticks and it only cost 700 baht. Guys can be pondering long whether to buy and when they have decided, they are fast without hesitating. When the monster finally decided to buy Yoda after a short walk, he returned to see the model had been bought away. How sad haha, ok i shouldnt laugh BHAHAHAHAH.

No doubt, we both have a really great time hanging around in Chatuchak ( well I am!)

Photo credits to novotelbangkokimpact.com
Photo credits to novotelbangkokimpact.com

Photo credit to asia web
Photo credit to asia web direct

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