Out-Of-The-Blue Trip: To Tioman We Go!

There’s a time when you feel like taking off a break from anything you are doing and without thinking twice, booked a ticket to go somewhere just to escape from the responsibility. However, this is not our case. You see, we just got back from a 3-week holidays and we don’t feel like getting back to school that soon yet, thus the out-of-the-blue trip: TIOMAN!

Apparently after a long night traveling down from SP to Mersing(gateway to Tioman Island), we are thrilled to be basked in the awesomeness of the beach and islands, again! You have no idea how was the 12-hour trip in the bus of, until you have one! Of course, we been through worst in Laos. This is better, in both of our opinions.

Take our advise, check the ferry schedule earlier to avoid spending the whole beautiful morning waiting for the ferry. They said Salang (the last stop) placed the least amount of people, and yea we think that is what we want and we off our butt to Salang!

Indeed, the weather is superb yet scorchingly hot during the afternoon, but hey, who cares? šŸ˜€

Bluewater Express monopolized the ferry back and forth from Tioman
It is all worth it when you get down from the ferry, looking at how beautiful the seawater is!
That sun.


There’s plenty of activities you can do on the island, but we just do swimming the afternoon and evening, watching sunset, chattingĀ over the night while listening to the sea, relaxing in the sea breeze during the night over few beer and cider, our kind of night.

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