Chinatown in Bangkok

My grandparents love Chinatown. They said they can find familiarity by reading the mandarin signboards, eating chinese food, buying all sorts of cute stuff, meeting asian face during their stay in Canada. I guess our reason visiting the Chinatown in Bangkok is no way close to the reason of my grandparents’, we. just. want. to. food. up. some. FOODDDD! Guess the reason of Chinatown is to bring all the goodies togetherrrrr!

They said in Chinatown hidden a seafood restaurant/stall in one of the street of Chinatown, and how do we spot and determine the correct stall you asked? Well, we do the conventional way: we just follow the crowd and spot the biggest crowds and longest queue stall that’s it!

We almost give up finding this “awesome”seafood stall since I was having a terrible gastric and I cant put myself into a trolley and trolley-ed by the monster. (Came to think of it now, i think it is the best idea hmm) And yea the price is to by hook or by crook sneak into every street just to find the one ( yes we did it after much dragging of me by the monster)

T&K Seafood is THE ONE. It’s easy to spot: they have green banners, wore green shirts, green apron with green menus… You got it.
Lotsa peopleee

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