Backpacker’s Heaven: Khao San Road,Bangkok

If you have been Bangkok, of course you heard of Khao San Road, said it is the backpacker’s heaven. And yea due to that, monster and I said yea why not go check this place out since it sounds so backpacking.

It turns out okay but it is full of tourist. We are glad we didn’t stay there though since everything is touristy including the price. But but, the place is beautiful and colorful. Shisha, western restaurant, street market selling “I Love Thailand” Shirt and bikinis and batiks, lots of tuk tuks waiting and preying their next customers.

We took the Chao Phraya Express boat and stop at Phra Athrit Pier, and when we got down and entered a narrow street, there stands simple attractive stalls selling handmade crafts and souvenirs. Kinda like heritage street in Penang if you have been to one.

Funny thing to say, but I feel “modern” here since there’s not much of locals around. Unless you got lost and dont know which way to go. It happened to both the monster and I, thus we sneaked into the old streets, asking directions from an hair accessories shop, 7-eleven mart, old local watch shop. Passing through some street markets and encountered few military armies enforcing barriers to prepare for the mob (we dont know) and we got to reroute to avoid get involved (they have guns but we are pretty sure they meant no harm) (but they have guns!)

Pretty much easy to get anywhere from Khao San Road domestically or internationally since here lies the whole lot of tourist agent. And yea we got the best currency exchange rate here too. (But of course after we went to Pattaya they offered higher rate) (that’s another story to tell)


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