Tiny Romance in Asiatique, Bangkok

If  you have taken a short cruise in Asiatique, Bangkok by the sunset, you gonna be so “aww” for that.

Funny how we have to walk for at least 30 minutes just to get to the Asiatique jetty and yet we dont even know there’s a free shuttle ferry cruised over the river. Locals be like “what is these two monsters doing wandering around the street trying to walk to Asiatique?” But yes we did it! Hurrayy

Tiny Romance is because it is a really small and romantic place where you can see a lot of couples strolling around and waiting for the sun to set. Family bringing everyone to have some short activities with each other which makes the whole place so comfortable and warm by just looking at them happily ever after.

We dont even know what we are going to do in Asiatique but yea the whole place is tranquil even though people are everywhere. You can just look at the fusion of Bangkok city across the river and here you are, sitting by the jetty, enjoying the breeze with your loved one, looking at the families and couples, and chillax-ing after a long day. Well it is a pretty compact day for the monster and I but Bangkok is awesome!

Shuttle Ferry Schedule
City of Bangkok in dim sunset.

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