Because-We-Are-Not-Ready-For-School-Yet Trip: Pattaya

After the Hatyai-Phuket-Krabi-Bangkok trip, and the school had resumed the lectures for one week after semester break, we are still in Bangkok, never want to return, until we ran out of money. Opps. Nah, it’s not the major reason, the thing is, during that time, Thailand is in a chaotic situation whereby there’s bombing cases, and parents started to freak out, thus we gonna end the trip as soon as possible. But Pattaya is just 2 and half hours journey from Bangkok, so we said why not end this trip perfectly in Pattaya.

Pattaya is not as happening as in Phuket, not as tranquil as in Krabi, does not own the cleanest and most beautiful beach in Thailand, but tourists are everywhere too.

Accommodation can be cheap if you search behind the streets, whereby there are plenty of backpacker lodges there.  We stayed in Asia Backpackers. The fact is, you don’t even have to stay as backpackers’ style. For the same 500 baht per bed without air conditioned, you can get a decent spacious one with air conditioned private room as the same price as in youth backpackers lodge. SO keep your mind (and eyes) wide open. Lesson learnt for the monster and I though.

Transportation? Nyeh. We rent a bike for dirt cheap per day, but something happened. Long storyyyyyyyyyyyy. Otherwise, you have to call and book taxi for wherever you are going/ rent a car WITH driver/ take ridiculously overpriced tuk tuk/ take motorbike taxi (yes they have it)

Places of interest? We initially planned to go every places but in the end something BIG happened and we decided to just scoop off after a night spent. But there’s places like Sanctuary of Truth, Mini Siam, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, Riley’s Believe Or Not, and Central Pattaya Garden we might want to visit. But again, that THING happened ish ish ish,

Night life? Hymp. We were testing this theory when we are strolling by the beach: if i left the monster to wander alone in the street, some random ladies will approach him and TALKED to him. Well, we have fun playing this BHAHAHHA. Yea there’s a walking street where all the agogo’s bar and strip dance club are FILLED in this street. We love Bangla Road in Phuket more though.

Activities? Well we did strolled the beach, finding some muay thai (but its noob really) show to watch, finding some fried insects to eat (in the end we did not manage to eat but we found!). Basically just a relaxing trip to Pattaya. It can be even more fun and happy if it wasn’t because of THE CASE!

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