Second time in Tioman since last year, and this time, we come for this: PADI OPEN WATER DIVING COURSE!

Somehow this really stressed me out because I am afraid of depth (not height) and darkness (oh come on seabed is really terrifying isn’t it?), and i can’t stop to imagine ‘Jaws’ in my mind while diving (seriously), although sharks only attack when they feel threaten.

p/s: Sharks are really not attracted to human blood when you really do research. They are really into fish blood though.

Somehow i wanted to do this as to overcome my fear of the combination of the two: “DEEP AND DARK” (oh man I can’t overcome still) The monster does this because HE LOVESSSSSSSS THE SAND THE SEA THE BEACH THE WAVE THE SUN EVERYTHING ABOUT BEACH. HE LITERALLY CAN DO ANYTHING JUST TO EMBRACE THE SEA!

P/P/S: The monster is afraid of height MUAAHAHHAHHA



We saw a deal to dive offered by Dive Asia in Groupon and we immediately grabbed it for RM1800 for 2 pax including accommodation (wheeee), and that’s the beginning of the journey.

We were taught by Khoo the instructor. Before that we had done the theory class in KL (and we are glad that we did it before coming to Tioman), otherwise looking at the sea while cannot immerse into it, is such a torture!



Pretty good weather as a good start. Day 1 is to be able to float without any floats on you (natural buoyancy) for 10 minutes, and after that trying to set up BCD (Buoyancy Control Device). Then the whole evening is up to ours for free and easy!

Monster punya noob face


The next activities are somehow tough to me: I can hardly natural buoyant in the sea. Everyone said come on just control your breathing and make sure you are not moving that much but to me is like COME ON I AM NOT EVEN MOVING I AM STILL FLOATING UP UP TO THE SEA SURFACE!


Anyway I passed though T.T (though i still need super super a lot of supervision and super strong buddy while diving. ) Best part is that all the activities are done in the sea not swimming pool, even pre-dive practices. Cool huh?

I enjoyed graduation dive the most, its only below the Salang Jetty where swarms of fish are circling around in the form of a huge fish hurricane, majestically awesome.

The amount of fish is too high below the Salang Jetty.

We had adventure dive too in Roger’s Wreck. Adventure dive is different than open water dive: there’s not much of coral to see, but you can expect the unexpected: alien creature, sting rays (i didn’t saw it but the monster saw la). Dived up to 24.8m depth and we saw the eerily lonely ship wrecked in the bottom of the sea.



And we are open water monster divers! Hoorayyy!

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