Magical Bali: Kuta Town

What comes right in your mind when the word BALI popped? To me, land of legend and myth!

This is my first oversea trip to travel with a bunch of monkey friends and boy I am so glad I did that (I can proudly say this trip is without the monster but my friends!)

Kuta Beach

Kuta is the happening city of Bali, and like almost all the touristy town of each country, it offers anything to please tourist: Balinese massage, manicure, spa, beer and wine, club and pub, loud rock music and live band. I would say this cannot compete with the amount of happening I experienced in Bangla Street in Patong, Phuket, however, this is equally high and fun because it offers too much of choices for tourist, especially night club.

On the other hand, their water activities and tour are cheap: we took Happy Holiday package only for IDR 350K, which is around RM100 that time, for parasailing, jetski and snorkelling. Love it!

Parasailing yo!

They never lake of any westerns food. In fact, almost everywhere offers western. There even a hardrock cafe there in Kuta. Imagine how modernized it is there huh?

For a week well spent in Bali, with everything (not inclusive air ticket), one day you can spend up to RM100 comfortably inclusive of accommodation, food, activities and so on.

Market in Kuta

Good place to start to go for tropical yet happening city in Indonesia!

More posts coming soon!


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