Reason Why We Never Stay Long Enough in Pattaya

Everyone has bad experiences during travelling. Ours are minor compared to some bloggers where they had malaria to the extent that they are no hospitals in their area and they almost died; or when they have to work out for the rest of the journey due to their pennyless pocket and so on.  Mine is just scam and conned, by the Police itself (injustice injustice!)

I disdained and disrespect people who take their honorable jobs for granted, especially for their own betterment.

We rented a motorbike nearby our hostel, and after checked everything, we departed.

Not even a 5-minute ride after that, we saw road block. Assured by our safety measures (helmets on, no speeding up, slow down during the checking), and further relieved by looking at the locals who passed the road block even without their helmets on, we were closed up to the road block area.

“Get down, I believe you don’t have an international license to ride this motorbike.” said the police man.

Say what? No body informed us and we are good when we rented bike in Krabi. If international license is required, motorbike rental should have told us regarding this and stopped us from renting it though.

Further arguments lead to more time wasting thus we followed him to the police station (which is just behind the road block). They took our key and chained our motorbike by the roadside.

The monster and I totally understood everything when we entered the police station hall: Inside the police station is crowded with tourists and only tourists, most of them are bikers. Not a single local who are held traffic offense.

We talked to some tourists while queuing up to pay for the summon. Same case to everyone: no international license, get blocked down, locals who offend the traffic laws do not get arrested.

Funny thing is that, the summon can be negotiable. We were supposed to pay 400 baht for the summon, and we only have 200 baht with us right now. We suggested they chauffeur one of us back and we take the money in the room then only we can pay. He says no. Suggested that he let the monster to take the motor back and bring back the money then only picked me up. No. And he said the best way is to walk back and take the money then come back. We didn’t compromise. And then they take the 200 baht as “half discount” of the offense that we both held of.

After I get back from this amazing Thailand trip, i asked one of my Thai friends regarding this matter. Even she said that their police only helped and released locals. Else, you will be scammed, even if is a government officer.

We never wanted to go back to Pattaya ever since.


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