Pattaya: Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

If you are following my last post and aware of the story of us in Pattaya, you will know why the cloud.

But this post, is about the silver lining! 😀

Because we didn’t want to travel around Pattaya anymore, we were having thoughts of going up to Chiang Mai to spend our money away and end the trip in a wonderful full stop. However, we are lacking of time (due to the semester opening and we have skipped one week ahead already!), and thus it is a quick decision, we decided to go back from Bangkok to Penang with the train instead of going to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

 With a sum of leftover Thai Baht in which we won’t be using it in a short while after going back to Malaysia, and have little to almost no time to spare to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, thus….


Guess this is our first candle light dinner after all with the babi monster ❤

Funny thing is that when both monster and I went in, no one bother to serve us as a proper customers. Perhaps we looked so cute and poor with our short jeans and singlets that they thought we are just here cheapskate-ly to listen to the free music. Things totally change when we requested for the menu to dine, not to drink alone.


Signature of hard rock: Live band

Too bad is that we went in quite late since we are so indecisive of how to spend our night with all the pennies we got, and the live band ended after few songs while we are there.

And we say YES to this place!


It’s a very kisiao decision to spend over 750baht just for a western dinner in Pattaya. Nothing beats the very first experience of having such a worse day yet amazing night for such a pair of poor students.


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