Bali Chapter: Let’s Start with the Touchdown.. And Ending..

There’s always articles saying girls/ladies are not encouraged to take public transportation alone, not to mention in foreign country and you look like juicy small little kid, and I hate to say this, they are right.

Funny how Airasia always delay flight but never delay the last flight, and I am one of the passenger who took the late night flight (cause is cheap bah), and separated by the Bali gang since they have arrived earlier.

Arriving in a unfamiliar place around 12am midnight was definitely not a good thing to start, but thank God that I reached my destination safe and sound, even if Pondol Satwa (our accommodation for the next 3 days) is super hidden.

Upon arriving the arrival hall, after immigration checking, one can just follow the crowd to leave the arrival hall. Since taxi service of Bali International Airport is only monopolized by one company, just queue up in front of the counter to book a taxi as it is already dark outside. (I felt that I am so cheapskate that I went out to double confirm the price offered by the taxi outside the airport, and I ended up taking the taxi service of airport)  Well, i get 80k IDR for one way from airport to Kuta.

The journey was scaryyyyyyyy. Scary as in first, I am all alone. Second, this is my first time “venturing” oversea. Third, i never scouted the place before. Forth, i cannot even contact my friends who have arrived here earlier. Fifth, the road is dark! The driver is lost too! (how do i know? he literally tell me we have to return because he couldn’t find the way even he called the person of Pondok Satwa!) That’s why I said thank God because out of no where, Pondok Satwa APPEARED! PTL!

The only decent cafe in the airport. And I love it!
Why? Because it opens 24/7 and offer comfortable sofa for overnight passenger to sleeo (without chasing people out!)

Fun fact #1 about this airport: This is almost the start of everything between me and the monster ❤ ❤ ❤ Well, he accompanied me whole night cross-country-ly with gtalk, and we talked throughout the night ❤

In fact, this cafe let customer to freely use their computer and printer: for free! We overnight-ed in Bali airport before we departed back to Malaysia. (And I continue my journey with the monster in  Thailand afterwards ngek ngek.. the beginning of everythinggg ❤ )


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