Bali Chapter: Water Activity in Kuta

I dont think I can ever find such cheap packages in Malaysia, for 350k IDR which is approximately RM105 during that time, we can have parasailing, water jet ski and snorkeling for water activity!

I especially love the scorching sun everytime during traveling, never a fan of sunblock because tanned skin is beautiful!

Parasailing for the first time!

Too bad the instructor said I cant take my glasses with me during the parasailing 😦 I can’t really see everything beneath me in HD but boy, it is amazing to have birdview under you!

The four of us!

Water jet ski is fun though! Having the coolest sporting instructor spiced the whole skiing up!

There’s this super beautiful resort by this beach and they have the most perfect view ever.


So you can always enjoy a sip of cocktail in this pool bar 😀

Though I dont really recommend snorkeling in Bali water, and I personally think Malaysia water house the best of  snorkeling sites.


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