Bali Chapter: Most Hunted Food!

[Warning: This is not all halal though]

Something me and the monster have in common, we love street food, as in local food! But in relation to this, we have big major difference too: He can accept any local food given any period of time; I have to depend on my feelinggggg. Say during a very romantic night I would prefer to have cozy breezed dine in place paired with live acoustic band. The monster? Local food at every cost. Ngeh ngeh also prefer local street food. Hah!

Indonesian called their restaurant ‘Warung’ apparently.

Our breakfast is always this healthy ❤

We (not the monster) ‘ve been to several ‘warung’ to try on different kind of western+local, here’s it.

  1. Warung Nyaman

This is in Kuta area and surprisingly they serve every type of food: from local food to western to rice and noodles. Huh! Anyhow the price for each set is definitely for tourist (pricey), though they speak fluent english and their service is above the standard, which is quite our satisfactory. Worth the money for the comfort and the service they provide. Ordered a pizza and watermelon juice for around 100k (RM30?)

2. Warung Sawah Indah

Like her name ‘sawah indah’, literally beautiful paddy field, it was situated beautifully right in a paddy field. Tried their local food ‘Bebek Bakar (grilled duck) and Bamboo grilled fish, deliciously good, except the fact that every meat contains bone and I don’t really like anything with bone (yea).

The whole Bali team!
Isn’t this place beautiful?
Paddy field, the way they named it.
I wouldn’t complain, their food is delicious!

3. Warung Sopa

It was in Ubud where restaurants are scarce upon night time. Managed to locate one ‘warung’ nearby our staying place but it’s a vegetarian ‘warung’. Never liked vegetarian food but their restaurant is cozy!

It’s almost like home ❤

4. Warung Sudirasa

顾名思义, ‘sudirasa’ means ‘willing to taste’. Ate the local must eat food as well ‘Babi Guling’, literally means rolling pork (HAHAHAHHAHA), anyway, like i have said, never like anything that comes with bone. In this case, it came with one so yea. Tasted not bad and yea is pork! Yea!


The Babi Guling!

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