Bali Chapter: Things You Can Do

  1. Shopping!

Souvenirs are cheap here. Handmade crafts are in bulk and a lot in variety. You can buy TOILETRIES, BANDAIDS (IDK WHY THEY SUGGEST THIS TOO), HAIR PRODUCTS, SCENTED SOAP, CANDLES, AND SKIN PRODUCTS. Went to Kuta Square in Kuta where the entire collections of souvenirs you can get are here: Keychain, magnets, hair clips, batik sarung, tshirt etc etc

1557447_10152035386681400_1478487592717530375_n - Copy
Souvenir heaven!

2. Walk around and take awesome pictures

For such a place saturated with tourist, of course Kuta has its own mall, Kuta Square area and Discovery Mall. It’s even bigger than Kuta Square though.

10299998_10152824578504428_4289646649036426368_n - Copy

3. Try their local food

babi guling, bebek, bamboo fish etc etc..


4. Surf / wait for sunset

Below are taken by the Kuta beach, all photos credit to my friends: Joey/Chiew Wen/Chen Yong /Zoann. Quite a number of people will occupy this beach just to watch sunset. Not sure about sunrise though haha.

Sunset and poses by the beach in Kuta
The perfect color combination of gold and blue.

5. Chill in pub/club

There’s pub and club everywhere. It is as quiet and dead in the morning, wait til you see what can happen during the night.

6. Pamper yourself

Balinese massage (with oil), manicure, pedicure, spa, fish spa are available in this small yet compact island. And it is cheap!

#photo credits to my friends: Zoann, Chen Yong, Chiew Wen, Joey

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