Bali Chapter: The Dance and Beer

I couldn’t really remember where is the pub/bar street, but I know it is quite near to Tune Hotel in Kuta, Bali though.

Too much bar/bistro/pub/club to the extent you cannot decide which to go but following your feeeeeeeeeeeeel.

I ❤ ❤ ❤ pub or bistro. Live music is the best with fine food and cozy dine-in place. Recommend Vi Ai Pi, just next to the all-time-full-til-you-have-to-queue-up Skygarden Club. The kind of band they chose is more on country song, soft music, romance oldies and boy, the perfect atmosphere enhance everything. Monster and I love love love oldies! Should bring him here when we come to Bali together.

Cozy and fine.
First floor on the balcony of Vi Ai Pi ❤

For club lover (which i am not), Skygarden Club (next to Vi Ai Pi) could be in your to-club-place list. Entrance fee of 100k IDR with complementary beer/soft drinks. The another bunch of them love it here since they are party people 😀 They have dance floor too. I can’t deny that the band sings beautifully too! Just that the genre is more to hiphop and metal and RnB. DJ is kinda hot too! Too bad I dont have any photos of Skygarden but I believe the net has it all!

I prefer Vi Ai Pi though ❤ ❤ ❤


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