Bali-Must-Go: Ubud!

It has been awhile since i really update our journey. And believe it or not, it has been almost a year since i update anything! (i know it was not an excuse to let go of my hobby due to the worldly life. Too bad we are OF this world D:)

Continuing from Kuta, we actually went to rent a van to go to Ubud(and the bali trip from Kuta to Ubud and the rest of the sight seeing journey is OMG-ly cheap!).

 Here’s the Monster Plan that I did not involve in planning (Bali was the first backpacking trip I been!):

  1. Sri Amerta Batik Collection

They have their handmade batik all over in the workshop, and they even show you how they produce a batik start from scratch. Batik is a unique fabric, famously known to be souvenir from Indonesia, and they are all custom made, except those commercialised one.


2. Art Market Oleh-Oleh Khas Bali

Oleh-oleh, in indonesia language, is souvenir. To be honest, the price is okay, but we found that in Sukhawati the price of souvenir is even cheaper (okay im cheapstake X_X). Though the price is not negotiable.


3. Alam Sari Agrotourism

Recommended by the local, Luwak coffee (basically cat poo coffee) is produced  here.


4. Turtha Empul

Insanely beautiful place. It is a spring water bathing place for religion purpose.


5. Rice terrace

Located almost halfway before a hill, it is a full view of terraced paddy view and is highly recommended to go during sunny day


6. Volcano

I dont recall what volcano name it called, but i guess all when you follow this itinerary, your travel shutter van driver will know plenty of good place to view the volcano.


7. Pasar seni sukhawati

Pasar Seni=Art market. Souvenir can be found all here, with a much cheaper price as compared to the Art Market  Oleh-Oleh.

8. Tanah lot

You miss this place, you can NEVER say you been to Bali before! Just look at this place!


9. Nusadera beach

One thing about this beach, that it BURN you! And I’m loving the sun!


10. Blue Point Beach

This place is incredibly well-guarded: no pay no visit. Tell you guys more when we come to that post!


11. Pura Lumur Uluwatu

Known as the Great Wall of Bali (nah Im just making that out), but isn’t she deserved to be called like that? Else even more amazing!


12. LPD Batuan

One of the temple that we visited!


ps: all photos credit to Joey, Chiewen, ChenYong and Zoann ❤


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