Abu Dhabi Chapter: Ferrari World

It has been awhile since we felt like kid again.

Decided to go to Ferrari world, and that decision proved to be the wisest decision of all day.

No doubt, as per said in the name, Ferrari world housed so many model of Ferrari that you are not sure whether you can buy and pay with your entire lifetime or not.


This place host the World’s fastest and longest roller coasters which are MUST TRY when you come to Abu Dhabi with so much leisure time to do.

The fastest roller coaster is in Formula Rossa in Ferrari world, said to be 240km/h of cart, the adrenaline pumping has pushed the heart to the limit (not for weak heart). I wish i can had a video but they wont allowed to have a camera or anything in the pocket (which is correct because you will be scaring shit). Only sneak peak for you guys..


Flying ace is another roller coaster, said the longest in the world, has a turn of 360 deg free gravity roller coaster (it was agreed by all of us that this by far is exciting!) (and we did trice!)

We also loveeeeeee ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ the small themed italian village that has EVERYTHING of romantic stuff, for the lights to the stalls to the food to the floor tiles to the building to the wall paper to the furniture to the EVERYTHING…



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