The Day When The Monster Fell Down From Motorbike in VV

If you have read the post regarding the monsters’ clumsy journey to Blue Lagoon, im sure you have seen the picture of the teribility (i dont even know whether this word exist!) of the road of it.

Well, it was a long rainy day. They don’t seem to have tar road to Blue Lagoon. the 7-km journey took us more than 30 minutes to reach (its only 7km!)

It was drizzling, so we slow down. It almost terrified me when we have to pass through a 15cm wide of wood of 2m journey.

With the monster incredible vromvrom skill, we managed to pass through the 2m long wood. But we never expect this: the entire road of the other side of the “YOU SHALL NOT PASS BRIDGE” is all mud!


Without even a sec, both of us fell sideway with the motorbike cramp on the monster limp. Thank God its just minor bruise for the monster.

Expectation VS Reality (guess we went at the wrong time)





Though the journey view, it undoubtly rewarding. Cant imagine how amazing is she under the shaft of sunlight! (noob photography + noob camera + riding-on-motorbike-while-taking-this)


I always roar to monster that anytime we wanna challenge the vromvrom skill, lets go VV!


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