Ubud Pitstop 5: Unique-ties!

Indonesia is a muslim country, but, they have the most unique temple ever not for islam though, for hinduism.

We went to several temples as recommended by our tour guide:

LPD Batuan

Temple is beautifully made. Photos said it all. It was cute for them to provide us Sarung (something to cover your below waist if you are not wearing appropriately) and the sarung is looking really pretty (we never tried sarung in Malaysia even we have them XD)

lpd-batuan-5 lpd-batuan-4 lpd-batuan-3 lpd-batuan-2 lpd-batuan-1 lpd-batuan

Turtha Empul

This is a must go! You wont miss it if you have local to bring you or guide you! It was their religious place where they have spring water bath. It is the holy water as according to them. Entrace is 15k IDR but totally worth the view.

turtha-empul-1 turtha-empul

Pura Lumur Uluwatu

Another YOU-CANT-MISS place is Pura Lumur Uluwatu. There is no way you skip this. So called the “great wall of Ubud” (sorry i named them myself so do not use this as official calling for Pura Lumur Uluwatu XD), you can plan the trip to Tanah Lot during evening so you will not miss the sunset. Can you imagine a temple on the cliff? Take that.

uluwatu-1 uluwatu-2 uluwatu

Tanah Lot

Apart from having a temple on a cliff, they have built a incredibly nature-blended-in temple by the sea! The temple was build by the shore and you have to see it. No matter how much I draw it (i cant draw), describe it, it is still indescribably WOW!

lot-1 lot



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