Introducing the Monsters!

We re the monsters in flipflops! Why monsters? Because we think that it is cute: not horrid and not too childish either. Why flipflops? Because we usually walk everywhere in flipflops, not much of shoes. We are still students, thus it is almost impossible for us to abandon study and see the world (don’t think this thought never cross our mind!) and our parents are so going to slaughter us if we do so. Anyway, we are Malaysian, met in university and become friends since, sharing the common interest and thought: which is to create new stories every single day. Started backpacking in 2014, we are young backpackers!a

This blog is all about memories: memories of us traveling, not to forget the adventures we made, the sun we bathed in, the breeze we chilled in, the scenery we stunned across, and the small little things in our journey which make the best of our backpacking. Blogging is my passion, to write story is to express my feeling and ohm in wording form.
We had tubing afterwards coming back from Blue Lagoon

We have a long list of bucket list (no kidding). You see, we students have plenty of time you said to do whatever we want, but the thing is, students have their own limitation too: money, study, time! Anyway, our bucket list before graduation is definitely LEARN DIVING, then BACKCPACK THE WHOLE INDOCHINA. Ultimately, we would want to OPEN UP A BACKPACKER HOSTEL WITH QUALITY RESTAURANT/BAR/LOUNGE to have new friends, listening their stories. Crazy I would say, to abandon the engineering degree!

Updates Jan 2017: Now that we have graduated as engineers, it is a sad song to sing for we have longed for our long holidays like we used to have during study life. We were broke as hell when we were students, then no time as hell as we marched into working adults. Nevertheless, we never forget to remind each other of the plan to backpack new country when we had time. Now that we worked in different part of land in Malaysia, it is even more challenging just to see each other. Still, we never forget our dream to backpack til we ghost!

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